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Hard Money

Imobilia is always accepting proposals for additional hard money. The unique diversification of properties that we are acquiring on a daily basis demands a reciprocating pool of lending profiles. We are purchasing Condos, Townhouses and Single Family Homes in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. We buy, fix and sell faster than our competitors can find a single good deal.

The “Buy Ugly and Sell Pretty”



We take pride in the steps taken to ensure that our properties sell at high profit margins while still being comparable to other homes in the area.


We are purchasing these properties for below Market and below Wholesale value.  Purchase prices start in the 40k’s and up and we stay below the FHA max loan limits of 427k resale.


Our rehab is classic and top-notch and makes our product very desirable. See our “Buy Ugly Sell Pretty” samples above.


Our resale pricing is fair.  We make a good profit while still staying marketable so our turnaround is extremely fast.

We are closing fast on many properties and are looking for immediate hard money, partners and investors. Email us, call us or stop by, we are open seven days a week from 9am to 9pm!

The Investor Seminar

Here at Imobilia we host free investor seminars at our main office in South Beach every Wednesday and Saturday. We explain our investment process and offer any interested a chance to become a business partner and have their money work for them. Profit margins on properties reach as high as 50% in today’s market with the proper insight. Imagine: Invest 60k with 10-15k in renovations and sell a home for 90-100k. That’s 30k in profits every 3-5 months! Even without making huge investments you can produce more money in less time than most jobs can offer.